Buck Watson: A Can Do Guy

Today I am writing a Lego minifigure I call Buck.  His full name is Buckeye John Watson. I created him a few years back since then he has been in comics that I have written and stop-motion videos that I’ve helped create. he has probably had about ten different jobs and countless suit combinations. He has been a clone trooper, an water clone trooper, a clone medic, a rebel trooper, a padawan, a Jedi knight, Superman’s brother, Batman’s sidekick, a police officer, a senator from Star Wars, he’s worked with Lex Luthor, and the Transformers, he has warped to the Lord of the Rings, and he has also been an explorer. I took a couple pics of him to show you what he looks like.

IMG_1489Voltron is nine inches tall so Buck is probably about one and a half in. tall. I used a rebel trooper head and hair my brother traded to me from a Lego advent calendar.

IMG_1492The only things that stay the same are his head and hair. Unlike his head and hair, Buck’s suit changes constantly.

IMG_1492Buck’s favorite weapons are, his trusty rifle and any sword he can get his tiny hands on.


Buck and Voltron!


This is a pic of Buck’s all star team. From left to right they are: The Classy Cop, Hero, Buck, his best friend Joe, Galaxy, and Ti. Behind them is Voltron.

Hope y’all enjoyed this post! Gracie

Voltron’s Biggest Fan

voltronI am a HUGE fan of Voltron. If you have no idea what I am talking about, take a look at the opener of Voltron on YouTube. And, if you like that, watch the first episode.  Voltron is created when five robotic lions form together.The lions are the Black Lion, the Red Lion, the Green Lion, the Yellow Lion and the Blue Lion.   My favorite part about Voltron is that you can understand how the five lions form the Big Guy.

Anyway, you can probably tell that I think Voltron is pretty stinkin’ awesome. And if you end up becoming a Fan like I did, youtube is not the best place to watch the episodes because it only has some of the episodes, not all.

If you like Voltron, you can  buy the seasons on Amazon.com or watch them online if you have Amazon Prime. There are two different types of Voltron. the Original 80’s episodes, Voltron The Defender of the Universe (amazon.com link) and  the ones from 2011, Voltron Force (amazon,com link).  I would advise you to watch at least the first few episodes of the older series before trying the newer one.

Be sure to post a comment if you look up Voltron and tell me your experience!

Ciao 4 now, Gracie

It’s My First Post!

hello summerIn phoenix, where I live, summer is VERY hot.  So most houses have pools or a public pool nearby. People in phoenix swim a lot not just because its fun. You can almost get a sun burn in the shade  it is that hot. but summer can also bring(besides the heat) cute little animals and birds. Bunnies come often to eat the grass in our yard and sometimes we see a hummingbird or two. We have an abundance of very fat pigeons and smaller skinnier doves.  Sometimes we see a lizard doing pushups(much better that me) on our hot brick fence.  the funniest is the Quail. They are always running around in circles looking like they’re in hurry with their little feather bobbing up and down. The feather hangs over the Quail’ s face and looks like a feather in a cap. My brother’s favorite is the lizard. Personally, I like the bunnies. now that I have told you about our back yard I will tell you about myself.

My name is Grace Lafont  and my  Father is in the Air Force. I am eleven and am going into the sixth grade. Me and my brother Josh are homeschooled. My brother is nine and is the best brother a sister could have. We both LOVE Legos. I have a beta fish named Royal Flag but we just call him Flag. (If you look up pics of betas you’ll know why we named him that).

I hope you enjoyed my post! Ciao 4 now, Gracie