Trick or Treat!!!

I am excited about this Halloween especially because I am being Voltron for Halloween. (click “Voltron” to find out who he is). It has taken a long time to find the costume and we finally decided on a Rubies’ adult costume. (amazon link)


The mask is really cool but comes in two parts that velcro together( I recommend gluing them together). Mini Voltron gives it four stars for awesomeness. Because it is for an adult I will have to make all of the pieces tighter and  I will also have to shorten the jumpsuit. Overall though, I think it is pretty accurate and good but don’t expect it to be perfect if you are buying the costume.

Whatever you are being, a super hero, someone from a movie, or an alien from outer space, be sure to watch for cars, and say thanks to the person giving candy.

Have a fun Halloween! Gracie


Buck Watson: A Can Do Guy

Today I am writing a Lego minifigure I call Buck.  His full name is Buckeye John Watson. I created him a few years back since then he has been in comics that I have written and stop-motion videos that I’ve helped create. he has probably had about ten different jobs and countless suit combinations. He has been a clone trooper, an water clone trooper, a clone medic, a rebel trooper, a padawan, a Jedi knight, Superman’s brother, Batman’s sidekick, a police officer, a senator from Star Wars, he’s worked with Lex Luthor, and the Transformers, he has warped to the Lord of the Rings, and he has also been an explorer. I took a couple pics of him to show you what he looks like.

IMG_1489Voltron is nine inches tall so Buck is probably about one and a half in. tall. I used a rebel trooper head and hair my brother traded to me from a Lego advent calendar.

IMG_1492The only things that stay the same are his head and hair. Unlike his head and hair, Buck’s suit changes constantly.

IMG_1492Buck’s favorite weapons are, his trusty rifle and any sword he can get his tiny hands on.


Buck and Voltron!


This is a pic of Buck’s all star team. From left to right they are: The Classy Cop, Hero, Buck, his best friend Joe, Galaxy, and Ti. Behind them is Voltron.

Hope y’all enjoyed this post! Gracie

I’m Having a Total Meltdown!

I’ve created my very first mini recipe! It is very simple and does not require a lot of cooking experience. I hope you enjoy this little umm… ur…  I’ll just call it the Total Meltdown!



The Total Meltdown



Start with a little roll or a small round piece of bread, some deli meat, and a piece of cheese.

IMG_0533Turn the bread upside down so the flat part on the bottom is staring up at you. Then, using your fingers, remove most of the inside of the bread.


After you finish  taking out the inside of the breadie* eat the parts that you just took out of the bread, leaving a hollow breadie,* meat, and cheese on the plate.

*Breadie. a cute tiny piece of bread

IMG_1059Next, insert the deli meat into the breadie until it is full.

IMG_4262IMG_4930Put the slice o’ cheese on top of your creation.

IMG_6421Pop it in the microwave for thirty seconds. Watch it carefully,and when the cheese starts to bubble a little bit take it out at once!

IMG_9282It should look like this when you are done. be careful because it will burn your mouth if you eat it right away, so wait a minute or two.


I hope you will enjoy this!

Cooking times may vary depending on what microwave you have and what type of cheese you use.


Get Creative!

Try to put other things in your breadie like cooked rice or mac’n’cheese!


Ciao 4 now, Gracie