Hamsters and Halloween

Friends, people, unicorns, lend me your ears (not literally please)

I have a new hamster! Her name is Fudge Stripes and she is a winter white!

Scout is doing well! He is pretty much potty trained and he isn’t really having accidents. He been teething a lot lately. last week he lost a total of 4 teeth!

It is October which means it’s time for…


This year’s theme is: animal facts!

Let’s hope I can finish this year!

P.S. cosplay pics coming soon!

I haven’t posted for the longest timeeee

whoaaaa oh oh oh. for the longest timeeee! whoa oh oh. for the longest! (Billy Joel, “For The Longest Time”)


I’m back!


Man! I thought that i would be posting all summer but I guess it just fell off my plate. A few HUGE things have happened:

I finished my first cosplay-worthy costume: (pics coming soon)

We got a puppy!

Me and mah bro are about to start private school! We’ve been homeschooled basically our entire lives so this is a big step!

See y’all soon!

Here’s Scout! He’s a 13 week old male Cairn terrier and he loves people, dogs, leaves, etc. etc. 😉