Hamsters and Halloween

Friends, people, unicorns, lend me your ears (not literally please)

I have a new hamster! Her name is Fudge Stripes and she is a winter white!

Scout is doing well! He is pretty much potty trained and he isn’t really having accidents. He been teething a lot lately. last week he lost a total of 4 teeth!

It is October which means it’s time for…


This year’s theme is: animal facts!

Let’s hope I can finish this year!

P.S. cosplay pics coming soon!

Are Y’all Stoked For Spring Break???

Hey peoples!

The school year seems to have gone by so fast! My third quarter just ended and now I’m on to my fourth and final quarter! YAY!

A couple of big things have happened since my last post:

Me and my brother got into Westminster! Its a private classical school and we are super duper excited to go there next school year! Here is a link to the school’s website, just in case you want to check it out, or if you just like clicking links: CLICK MEEEE

I had to separate my hamsters! 🙁 They started fighting and I decided that they would both be much happier by themselves. Hopefully they will be able to eventually go on “playdates” together for short visits.

Our spring break is the week before Easter and my cousin Kyle and his girlfriend Sarah are coming to stay with us! They are staying with us so they can easily drive to Atlanta, Georgia to get visas for an out of the country mission trip. I think that we are going to have loads of fun!

What are you guys doing for spring break? Comment below!

Bya peeps!