Call your friends, call your family, call your pets! The Instagram account in finally here! It is a private account so it can only be followed by those I approve, so it’s kind of like a special club just for us! The account’s name is girlgracie_blogger

An easy way to access it is to scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the Instagram symbol. I am still working on the youtube channel and have decided on making a second channel as well about something that you will see in the next post.

Woop woop! Christmas break is just around the corner! Tell me in the comments if you have any special plans!

Notice the changes? 😏



Hey y’all!

I have some news for you guys! I have officially changed to a new theme! I’m calling it Punchi! (I got the spelling from Hopping Hammy, one of my favorite youtube channels.)

The new theme has four colors: pool, coral, white and black. I will be incorporating them into all of my pictures and posts for all of fall!

Next I will do a more wintery theme.

Also, I am about to launch an Instagram account and a Youtube account just for the blog! And finally, for October I will join many bloggers in doing 31 days of blogging! I have decided on 31 Halloween recipes!


  • Punchi theme!

and wintery theme next!

  • With the Insta and Tube accounts I will have lots of fun videos and pictures.
  • 31 days of Halloween recipes!

That’s all folks!



How do you guys like Punchi? Post your opinion in the comments. Also how do like the mustachioed cats?